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  • Welcome to visit WRD on Tube China 2018 in Shanghai

    After 16 years of accumulation, Tube China International Tube Exhibition has grown into Asia’s second largest tube industry event. In 2018, it will be hold on 26th to 29th Septemer in Shanghai. Booth No.: E1F43 As one of the biggest tube mill manufacturers in China. We, WRD is specialized...
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  • Tube & Wire 2018 in Germany

    On April 16-20th, 2018, the world’s largest wire and tube international exhibition opened again at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany, showing innovative technologies to the industry,the latest machinery and equipment as well as a wide range of products and services.       During ...
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  • High frequency induction welding flaws analysis

    1. High frequency induction welding process Steel strip after forming into pipe shape, it goes through an electromagnetic field which is caused by induction coils, the inducted current is produced at the edges of steel strip, and the resistance of steel make a lot of heat which melt the edges of ...
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  • Anti-corrosion coating on steel pipe surface

    Anti-corrosion coating on steel pipe surface is vital for steel pipe service time. Same steel material pipes, some can stay well underground for decades while some start leaking in several years. The main reason about this is that they have different anti-corrosion coating on the surface. Polyeth...
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  • Quality requirements of raw material for production of precision welded pipe

    In addition to the basic requirements of raw materials for producing ordinary high frequency welded steel pipe, the raw material for precision welded pipe must meet the following requirements: 1. Chemical composition: When smelting, the most important thing is to improve the purity of steel and r...
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  • How to remove the weld-burr inside of steel pipe

    Because of the skin effect and proximity effect by high frequency current, before the material goes to squeeze rolls, the induction coil heat up the material on weld seam to a molten state, and the squeeze roller press the melt edge together. Excess metal and oxide accumulate on the upper part of...
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