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WRD’s daily export – the hot dipped galvanizing line exported to the Belt and Road country

To responding to the call of “the Belt and Road”, we export goods and technology to these countries. Recently we has completed the production, quality inspection, commissioning of 2”-6” steel pipe hot-dipped galvanizing line, and successfully exported on 22th, October 2018.


Hot-dip galvanizing is a popular method for steel product galvanizing, so that zinc can be strongly adhered on pipe outside and inside. After galvanizing, steel pipes are not easy oxidized and can serve longer time.

Besides hot dipped galvanizing line, we also specialized in manufacturing tube mills, such as welding tube mill, spiral tube mill, beam mill line, slitting line, finishing machine and other tube mill related equipment.

As one of the leading Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of various tube mill lines, we sincerely welcome you to inquire order with us.

Post time: Oct-23-2018

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