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WRD’s Daily Export – End Facing And Beveling Machine To Southeast Asia

WRD had designed and produced end facing and chamfering machine forΦ89-219 steel pipes for Southeast Asian customer, It is now ready for delivery.


End Facing And Chamferming Machine

  • Steel pipe chamfering machine is used for chamfering and flattening the welding groove at both ends of steel pipe according to the requirements. The steel pipe chamfering machine is a double chamfering machine equipped with headstock, flower plate, clamping device, hydraulic auxiliary clamp, lifting roller table device, etc. to solve the problem of processing thick wall steel pipe ends, the steel pipe chamfering machine is equipped with two chamfering knives and flat head cutters on the flower plate.
  • WRD’s steel pipe chamfering machine has reasonable structure, accurate and reliable work, convenient processing and maintenance. The chamfering of the end face of the processed steel pipe is symmetrical, uniform and smooth, and the product qualification rate reaches 100%.
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Post time: Mar-18-2020

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