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WRD’S Daily Export – End facing and beveling machine to Southeast Asia

WRD had produced and installed one 89*6.0 ERW mill line in Brunei last year.  On March 2019, the customer demands an automatic end facing and beveling machine supporting their 89*6.0 ERW mill line. 

After about one month’s production and inspection, the automatic end facing and beveling machine successfully exported on 20th,May, 2019. 


End facing and beveling machine used for steel pipe ends facing or beveling according to requires on steel pipe ends.

Working introduction

The target pipe is placed on the front platform of the end facing machine. When working, the steel pipe is pushed into the pipe shifter manually, the receiving pipe device blocks the steel pipe, the steel pipe drops to the center of the end facing and beveling machine, the left and right clamping seats on the clamping device clamp the steel pipe under the hydraulic drive, and the fast and slow feeding speed of the headstock is the variable frequency speed regulation of the AC motor.

When the headstock is quickly moved to the blade disc and the cutter is about 3 mm away from the end of the steel pipe, the machine automatically transfers to the speed of beveling steel pipe. After the work is finished, the clamping device is opened, and the pipe lifter is lifted. Pull out the steel pipe and wait for the next cycle.

Post time: May-22-2019

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