Peb pab lub ntiaj teb no loj hlob txij thaum 2001

hais txog wb

WAN RUN DA HIGH KEV CO., LTD ntawm Bazhou City tau tsim rau hauv 2001 nrog 290 neeg ua hauj lwm, 29 engineers thiab cov kws kho thiab 7 senior engineers. Peb muaj tshaj li 100 ntau hom ntawm kev khoom thiab 60,000 Square meters ntawm raug puag.

Our products mainly include:
» H.F. welding pipe mill with pipe OD from 21.3mm up to 711mm;
» Hot dipped galvanizing lines for steel pipe, small parts, structure;
» Direct-forming square tube mill for pipes up to 500*500mm;
»Spiral pipe mill for pipes from Ø219mm~Ø3020mm;
» H.F. H-Beam mill;
» Slitting and cut to length line;
» Key process equipment.


Our products have successfully entered the international market and have been exported to Brazil, Dubai, South Korea; Belgium, India, Ukraine, Iraq, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and many other countries. On this basis, the company continues to operate in good faith, quality first, customer first concept. Relying on high and new technology, manufacturing quality products, serving the customers wholeheartedly, and expanding the domestic and foreign markets to make better products to serve the society.

WRD's Partial Projects In The Past Nineteen Years:


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